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Fucking Nicki Minaj, Man, Can you imagine?  Nicki Minaj, The Ebony Barbie... I bet she's a hell of a ride once she gets that Sweet Phat Booty Bouncing up and down with it jiggling in all directions.  Just beware of flying plastic, after all this is the self proclaimed Ebony Barbie.  Hopefully she got high quality work done on her alterations so that her enlarged parts aren't overly stiff.  Even so I'd still go for a ride or 3, who wouldn't?

How would you go about Fucking Nicki Minaj?  Would start off with some doggy style so you can watch that ass from the back?  I personally would face fuck her and then go for some reverse cowgirl.  There's nothing better then watching a Beautiful Black Booty Bouncing on your lap.  No lie, I would do my best to come up with brand new ways to fuck and practice them all on Nicki Minaj.

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Does a Nicki Minaj Sex Tape really exist?  That's the million dollar question and while at this time there are nothing but vague rumors about who is on video Fucking Nicki Minaj, I have word from a inside source that the video in question does indeed exist.  As soon as all parties can come to a agreement the video will be released and you can trust in me to bring it to you first.  Fucking Nicki Minaj, raw and uncut.
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Fucking Nicki Minaj, The Ebony Barbie Bounding Her Sweet Phat Black Booty Up And Down On Cock.  Nicki Minaj Sex Tape